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Urdu Typing Tool

a ا b ب
p پ t ت
T ٹ C ث
j ج c چ
H ح K خ
d د D ڈ
Z ذ r ر
R ڑ z ز
X ژ s س
x ش S ص
J ض v ط
V ظ e ع
G غ f ف
q ق k ک
g گ l ل
m م n ن
w و o ہ
h ھ u ء
i ی y ے

About Urdu Typing Tool

1. What is Urdu Typing Tool and how it works

Urdu Typing Tool is a computer software program that allows users to type in Urdu using a standard keyboard. The program converts Urdu text into Roman Urdu, which can be read and understood by most people. Urdu Typing Tool is free to download and easy to use. It is available for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

To type in Urdu using Urdu Typing Tool, simply open the program and begin typing. The Urdu text will automatically convert to Roman Urdu. You can also type in Roman Urdu and the program will convert it to Urdu text. Urdu Typing Tool also includes a spell checker, so you can easily correct any mistakes you make while typing.

There are many benefits to using Urdu Typing Tool. First, it allows you to type in Urdu no matter where you are. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can easily access Urdu Typing Tool and use it to type in Urdu. Second, it helps improve your typing skills. Since Urdu Typing Tool is a very user-friendly program, it is a great way to learn how to type in Urdu quickly and accurately. Third, it makes communication easier. If you need to write an email or a document in Urdu, Urdu Typing Tool makes it easy for you to do so. Finally, it helps connect Urdu speakers from all over the world. By providing a way for people to type in Urdu, Urdu Typing Tool helps bring together people who share a common language and culture.