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How To Convert Your PDF to a JPG File

Most people prefer viewing images rather than reading text, which is why photos are ubiquitous in digital communication. PDF files can easily be converted to JPEG images, giving users the best possible visual representation of your content. This article walks you through the process of converting your PDF file to a JGG JPEG image, using either online converters or third-party apps.

1. What is a JPEG Image?

As the name suggests, a JPEG image is a file format that is optimized for the web. It is a lossy method of image compression that does not store the original image, but instead a series of small thumbnails of it. This method results in a large file size reduction, but it also results in the loss of a significant amount of the image’s detail. Although a small thumbnail is displayed, when viewed full-size on a monitor, a JPEG image can appear blurry and faded. When you convert a PDF to JPEG, you give readers the best possible visual representation of your content. The file size is also smaller than PDF’s original 300-dpi resolution, which is great for sites that serve large amounts of content. However, JPEG images can be displayed on any device with a browser. So, they are not suitable for printing.

2. How to Convert a PDF File to JPEG

To convert a PDF file to JPEG, use any of the following methods. - Open the PDF document from within Windows. - Create a new image file on your computer by choosing File > New from your computer’s main menu. - Open the image file you created in Step 2. - Choose Image > Image Properties from the main menu. - Under the ‘Image’ tab, check the ‘Convert to JPEG’ option. - Click OK to convert your PDF file to JPEG. - Rename the new JPEG file and save it on your computer.

3. Online PDF to JPEG Converter

There are many websites that allow you to convert your PDFs to JPEG files online. You can use these converters to convert your PDF files to JPEG quickly and easily. When using an online PDF to JPEG converter, you can choose the focus of the conversion — whether the focus is on quality, file size, or simplicity. PDF converters provide two types of conversion functionality. The first is a basic conversion function that allows you to select an output format and specify the location of the output file. The second type of functionality is more focused, allowing you to choose settings like image quality and compression levels. Many online PDF converters also allow you to perform other file conversions, such as converting your DOC to TXT, XLS to CSV, and PDF to EPUB.

4. Conclusion

When due to their ease of viewing, quality, and small file size, JPEG images are so common on the web and in digital communication, it makes perfect sense to convert PDF files to JPEG. This article discusses how you can do just that. You can also use online PDF converters to convert your PDF files to JPEG. These converters are easy to use and provide a number of settings, such as quality and compression levels, for you to choose from. And lastly, if you'd like to learn more about how to publish your professional-looking eBooks, you can read our Publishing eBooks article.