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Freedom with GEO IP Locator - How to find a location for your website or app

GeoIP is an IP address location database, which maps every website on the internet to a particular geographic location. This helps people who want to target ads based on where they’re physically located. It also allows businesses that sell products across the world to offer them at a specific price. In this article we will go over everything you need to know about using GeoIP to find locations for your websites and apps.

What is the purpose of IP addresses?

An IP address identifies a device, such as your computer or smartphone. The address is a unique number that’s automatically assigned by the Internet Protocol (IP) Network Address Translation (NAT) service of your home router. It’s very helpful for computers and smartphones to communicate with each other via the Internet. IP addresses are needed to send e-mail, log into a website, and download apps. But they’re not necessarily needed to communicate with other devices on the same network. When you search for an address like “,” the address is translated into its numerical IP address, and then you can find the location.

How to find a location for your website or app

IP location databases like GeoIP let you find the address of a website or app based on your IP address. You can also find the address of a person based on their IP address. There are two main ways to find the location of your IP address. - Website visitor analytics: Websites collect the IP addresses of visitors when someone visits a site. Then, they can use these IP addresses to find the location of the visitor’s computer. - IP address lookup: An IP lookup service like our GeoIP database will search for the location of an IP address.

Step 1: Get a free GeoIP database

Many advertisers, businesses, and online services will give you a free IP address lookup database like our GeoIP database. But you can also get a free list of IP addresses from many public websites. Here are some places you can look up free IP addresses: - IP address Lookup: Enter the IP address you want to find in the box below the map. Click on any of the country flags below the map to lookup an IP address in another country. - IP2Location Map: This map is for finding IP addresses based on latitude and longitude. - GeoIP: The GeoIP database is a centralized database of IP addresses and their location. They offer a free version and a paid version.

Step 2: Use our IP Locator to find locations

Once you have the IP address, you can use our IP Locator to see its location. Just enter the IP address in the box above the map, and click “find location.” You’ll see the location of your IP address on the map. The IP Locator is a free, automated IP location service. It’s not accurate, but it can give you a general idea of where your IP address is located. Sometimes you might be one block or one city over. That’s not useful for most people, but it’s still better than nothing!

Step 3: Find the address you want

To find an address, just click the address on the map. Using the plus sign, you can search for addresses next to your current location. When you click an address on the map, an address search box will show up. Just enter the address you want to find. Click “search.” If the address you want shows up in the address search results, just click it and a link to visit the website will show up in a new tab.


Finding the location of your IP address is an important task for many businesses, as it allows them to target ads and sell their products to customers based on their location. Using an IP lookup service like our GeoIP database takes just a few minutes. And you can even do it from your computer’s browser. There are many free IP lookup databases on the internet, but you should avoid them. These databases usually have outdated data or are scams. You should only use a database like our GeoIP database. Our database is updated daily, and is always accurate. And it’s free too.